IBM Solution Provider Tier 1 – status Premier Business Partner za kompletnu paletu hardware-a i software-a.

SBS je takođe:

  • IBM Authorized Training Provider i Edukacioni centar IBM-a za ceo portfolio HW i SW kurseva
  • IBM System Storage Solution Center
  • IBM Storage Speciality Partner
  • IBM XIV System Storage Solution Center
  • IBM SOA Competence Center, itd.

Iz godine u godinu, SBS je priznat od IBM-a kao najbolji partner u Srbiji.
Ovo su samo neka od mnogobrojnih priznanja koje SBS iz godine u godinu dobija od IBM-a:

  • Top Business Partner IBM CEMA (Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa) - Outstanding achiverments in 2002
  • IBM Award 2003
  • IBM SoftWare Group Award 2003
  • IBM Awards SBS for extraordinary achievements in 2003, Sharm El Sheik
  • PartnerWorld to SBS: IBM Advanced Business Partner in 2004, in recognition of your continued commitment to excellence in delivering IBM solutions
  • IBM Tivoli Software CEMAAS: Serbian Business Systems is recognized as The Most Certified IBM Tivoli Business Partner for the year 2005
  • IBM Serbia: Best IBM Business Partner in Serbia and Montenegro in 2005, 2006
  • IBM CEMAAS V.I.P. 2006, 2007: IBM awards Serbian Business Systems for outstanding achievements in 2006, 2007
  • 2006 Award of Excellence for remarkable contribution to IBM WebSphere business performance - Top Certified WebSphere Business Parnter in Serbia and Montenegro, Serbian Business Systems
  • Najbolji IBM partner u 2008: Serbian Business Systems, IBM Srbija)