Reliable Partner of IBM Mainframe Users

We have, since company’s foundation, been practically exclusive IBM Solution Provider Business Partner for IBM mainframe in this territory. To us, this privilege means additional responsibility and calls for constant investment of resources, time and energy in skills and experience of SBS’s team. Our approach is paying off – today we can freely say that we have experts capable of helping IBM mainframe users every step of the way.

Our mainframe support group offers a whole spectrum of services:

  • Assessing the needs of our clients
  • IT solutions design
  • Dimensioning and configuring needed HW and SW
  • Utilization planning of IBM mainframe HW and SW
  • Installation services
  • Implementation services
  • Migration services
  • Coordination and participation in developing complex application projects based on WebSphere and SOA architecture
  • SW maintenance services
  • SW products tuning
  • Planning and design of Business Continuity solutions
  • Backup and Recovery services
  • Hands on education of users
  • Classroom education
  • Documentation design and delivery

Thanks to the changed role and possibilities of IBM mainframe, SBS implements new solutions that leverage the following new capabilities:

  • Applications integration on one server. Apart from traditional z/OS application, introducing z/VM – Linux partitions and/or WebSphere partitions and applications. An example of such an installation is in the Railways of Serbia.
  • Use of contemporary WEB application solutions.
  • Using mainframe as a powerful DB server
  • Using mainframe for SAP applications and DB needs. An example is installation of SAP in NIS.

SBS has contracts with several IBM mainframe users about a continuous system-engineer support. This way, the clients have a reliable partner who will constantly work on improving mainframe HW and SW performance and intervene promptly in case of urgency.

SBS is one of the organizers and a sponsor of regular annual IBM mainframe users’ conference.

Call us and make your business operations more reliable, contemporary and cost effective.

For more information contact
Zoran Antić
Phone: 381 11 3302 516
E-mail: zoran.antic@sbs.rs