SBS IT infrastructural solutions


Everyone agrees that organization’s priorities include constant new products or services development to satisfy the customer needs, yield growth or simply adjust to ever changing market conditions. Still, IT managers of many organizations, and especially of complex ones, admit that they invest most of their resources not into development but into maintaining the current level of business.

Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure solutions customized to suit client’s needs that SBS designs, implements and provides education for are the necessary assistance helping IT managers to maintain current level of business, realize maximum return out of existing investment and release resources needed to start new development projects. Tivoli solutions for IT Service Management provide:

  • Visibility: a possibility for organizations to have at any moment an accurate overview of measurable impact that IT services have on their business, of compliance, such as confidential documents handling, as well as of operational efficiency that include system technical availability, anticipation of possible bottle necks, finding hidden causes and ways to overcome them.
  • Control: Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure solutions provide a complete system for monitoring, detection and supervision of the whole IT infrastructure, so that organizations can at any moment have a complete overview of existing resources, utilize their maximum potential and keep them running. Monitoring system is expendable to other equipment apart from IT and can be integrated with ERP and other business support systems.
  • Automation: Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure solutions for optimization, integration and automation of business support operations enable time and resources savings and a leap in efficiency of the whole system, thus freeing resources for new development projects.

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