Software development and maintenance

SBS software development team has a long and reach experience in building business applications using IBM WebSphere platform, both for z/OS mainframe and for open systems. Our specialty are multitier web applications that successfully meet various business needs, including business processes management, document generation and scanning, digital signature, object archiving, smart card user authentication, e-forms application (eForms technologies), processing of biometric data, data preparation and integration with document personalization systems. 

In the application implementation, we are especially taking into account user interface standardization, multilingual support, interconnection between business process phases with corresponding documents in electronic archives, user performance monitoring and reporting, keeping the log of user activities, as well as problem reporting that has been enabled and incorporated into the application. 

Applications are designed to support a great number of simultaneous users and are tested with a workload test tool before production release. We are paying special attention to optimization of access to relational databases, in particular to the search and reporting functions. Data compression and cashing are performed in the web part of the application.

Architecture of our applications usually includes specialized IBM servers, including

  • IBM Process Server for business processes automation
  • IBM Tivoli Access Manager for application access security requirements
  • IBM Content Manager for multimedia content archiving 
  • IBM WebSphere MQ for system integration through asynchronous messages exchange

Our competitive advantage lies in the inherent cooperation between SBS's application development team and our experts for IBM servers' installation and configuration. Delivery of integrated solutions means our clients can reap the benefits of maximizing their resources potential.