Business Continuity Solution


  • New storage infrastructure based on IBM FlashSystem 9200 storage systems, solutions for primary and secondary locations - HBIS Serbia - 2021.


  • Upgrade of the existing data protection solution (backup) - Triglav osiguranje. Replacement of hardware components, software upgrade (IBM Spectrum Protect), backup migration and archives. Compliance of protection policies with new requirements (Virtual infrastructure).


  • New storage infrastructure based on IBM SVC and IBM XIV storage systems, Stretched cluster solution for primary and secondary locations - NELT Belgrade.

SBS has great experience and unique expertise in the field of Business Continuity. SBS’s team of professionals implemented a series of reference projects in Serbia and the region, for example in the Ministry of Finance – Customs, ZIS – HypoAlpeAdria Group, Statistics Bureau of the Republic of Serbia, Vojvodjanska bank, Hipotekarna bank of Podgorica... We will list here only a few of the examples:

  • Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia needed business applications and data bases migration from legacy to new systems, as well as implementation of the new three layer application architecture. In order to meet these requirements, a whole range of new equipment and diverse technologies had to be introduced to their data center. As part of the project, SBS delivered a completely centralized solution for data protection in this extremely complex and heterogeneous environment: a Back-Up and Recovery solution was designed and implemented based on TSM software, storage equipment and software, SAN infrastructure, etc. The solution was complemented by data migration and consolidation and supported by know-how transfer and formal education of the client’s personnel.
  • Alpha Bank (Jubanka): Bank’s business requirement was to reorganize and adjust data center in order to comply with new business processes and internal regulations. It was necessary to enable functioning of the critical business applications and data bases in two locations, to achieve high availability of all services and resources, as well as to ensure strict compliance with RPO and RTO standards. SBS designed, implemented and tested Back-Up and Disaster Recovery solution based on Tivoli TSM software, connection between primary and secondary locations, IBM storage equipment and SAN infrastructure implementation and configuration.
  • CKB bank Podgorica: Bank introduced new ready made solution for e-banking that required infrastructure adjustments, SAN architecture introduction, back-up procedure, system high availability, etc. At the same time, due to changes in business environment, bank’s management demanded from their IT department a higher compliance level with data protection and availability regulations. SBS implemented a solution that incorporated new data center’s components, SAN infrastructure, storage equipment, TSM software, and Back-Up and Disaster Recovery solution.

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