Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Number of companies in virtually every industry has already made the transition to SOA and standards-based Web services. SBS has created planning, design, implementation and management professional services offerings based on our extensive real-world experience, industry-leading methods and best practices—like IBM Service-Oriented Modeling and Architecture (SOMA)—and proven technologies.

Enterprises like yours are increasing business flexibility, serving their customers better, leveraging their existing IT investments, capturing new revenue streams. SBS provides an end-to-end set of SOA services which help you create new business services at the same time as adapting your existing IT infrastructure to maximize the benefit of SOA with a reliable and scalable management foundation.

Becoming a flexible, innovative business. Sounds great, but how do you start?

No matter where you are in your SOA transformation, SBS has the SOA services expertise to help guide you.

We offer:

  • SOA strategy services
  • SOA implementation planning services
  • SOA diagnostic services
  • BPM enabled by SOA services
  • SOA design, development and integration services
  • SOA management services
  • Regardless of where you are in the SOA adoption process or what your future SOA plans may entail, SBS SOA Services can help you incrementally implement a solution that can show return on investment at each stage.