The demands on business processes change frequently, and the companies recognize the need to be able to respond to changes on short notice. The amount of data keeps growing, and analysing them is becoming increasingly complex and demanding. IT decision makers and business users need to know exactly how an innovative IT approach can benefit them.

This is where SAP HANA comes to assistance

SAP HANA is an in-memory platform for processing high volumes of data in real-time. SAP HANA takes large quantities of data and transforms it to usable information that enables users to make more informed decisions about their business. Processes that would have taken several weeks to accomplish are reduced to seconds. As a result, business challenges are met near real-time and business performance is increased.

SBS can get you closer to SAP HANA benefits

• By cooperating with SBS, you will receive proven recommendations for introducing SAP HANA. You will know what SAP HANA can do for you and determine what financial and human resources will be needed for its implementation and operation.

• SBS will help you identify best ‘use case’ scenarios of SAP HANA for your business and guide you through the Appliance purchase (hardware + software) most optimal to your current IT landscape.

• SBS experts will advise you on sizing and data replication options management services and do project plan preparation and project management services.

• You will benefit from qualified consultants with many years of experience gained from many projects dealing with both traditional and cutting-edge technology.

SBS offers services that will help you each step of the way to reaping benefits from SAP HANA

If you are getting ready to IMPLEMENT real-time data analysis or test-drive a HANA POC, SBS can:

• Install and configure your SAP HANA landscape
• Integrate your SAP HANA landscape with your source system landscape
• Implement SAP HANA reporting capabilities
• Recommend and implement back-up solutions, HA (High Availability) and DR (Disaster Recovery) configurations

If you are up and running on SAP HANA and are looking to further enhance your landscape or ACCELERATE, our expert team can:

• Upgrade SAP HANA components
• Provide SAP HANA administration, monitoring and support services
• SAP HANA tuning

SBS can help you establish self-sufficiency on SAP HANA through EDUCATION:

• SBS’s experienced trainers provide on-site SAP HANA education sessions to train your team (including SAP HANA administration).

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