System integrator with tradition

Serbian Business Systems has for a long number of years provided to its clients in Serbia and the region state-of-the-art IT solutions that incorporate top class technology and professional services.

Founded October 1st 1991 as a Local Service Organization of IBM, an IBM Alliance company for the territory of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, SBS has in fact continued the business of Intertrade, the company that has represented IBM in former Yugoslavia since 1960’s.

Company’s history is intertwined with the development of information society in Serbia in more than one way. We are proud of our contribution to the level and quality of the information technology in use in the companies in Serbia, and especially of our efforts to make Serbia recognized in the region and in Europe by sophisticated, innovative and cutting edge IT and business solutions. That is why successes of our clients are also our moments of glory and recognition.

SBS’s history – moments to remember:

  • From 1972 to 1991, SBS’s premises hosted Data Computer Services Center, the first outsourcing center in this part of Europe.
  • From 1991 to 1999, SBS was exclusive representative and a part of global IBM for the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia as an IBM Alliance – Local Service Organization. SBS’s corporate culture and business processes were formed reflecting IBM’s blueprint and the best practices of business management.
  • SBS was acknowledged by the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and SMB Association as the Best Belgrade Private Enterprise in 1995, and then as The Best of Belgrade in 1996 by the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and the Association of small companies and trades.
  • All through the 1990’s and until 2007, SBS maintained a stock of IBM spare parts and provided, through its Technical Services division responsible for maintenance of IBM equipment, business continuity for its clients even in the toughest times.
  • At Infofest – Festival of information technology achievements – SBS won Highest Awards in 1995 and again in 1997 for projects of great significance, quality and innovation. In 2004, SBS was acknowledged at Infofest for Continuity of Quality.
  • Red Cross Vojvodina recognizes SBS in 1998 for “assistance and support provided to an organization whose goal is to help others”.
  • IBM EMEA awards SBS in 1998 for its “contribution and support to customers in Serbia and the region as an IBM’s Local Service Organization”.
  • Since 1999, SBS has diversified and expanded its offerings to the clients in the region in response to intensifying development of the local market and new requirements in the area of information technology. On top of marketing the whole portfolio of IBM hardware and software platforms, SBS today offers products of carefully selected producers of top technology that, together with a large number of services, IT and business consulting, system integration, application development and implementation, education and other, make unique solutions designed to respond to clients’ business needs.
  • EI INFORMATIKA, Nis, awards SBS in 2000 for special achievements and contribution to the success of this organization.
  • JP PTT – Public Phone Company of Serbia, IT Center Belgrade, acknowledges SBS for “successful cooperation in building Information System of JP PTT Serbia”.
  • Diskobolos 2005, an international ICT award delivered by JISA (Information Technology Union of Serbia) for the most successful achievement in the field of IT in the category of public services, went to SBS for the design of the information system for judicial business processes for the Ministry of Justice – SENA.
  • In October 2006, SBS opened an IBM System Storage Solution Center where clients can get familiar with the data storing solutions, try out their applications in a safe environment and test different disaster recovery scenarios.
  • In March 2007, County Court in Sremska Mitrovica was the first to implement SENA application that was developed by SBS in order to automate judicial processes with the aim to increase courts’ efficiency, achieve greater transparency and decrease costs.
  • On December 2nd 2008, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia won the “Golden Globe” award for the greatest IT achievement of the year for digitalized documents, passports and smart ID cards implementation project. SBS was a close partner in this project that allowed the Ministry to complete e-government services offered to the citizens.


These are some of the many awards that IBM has presented to SBS year after year:

  • Microsoft Small Small Business Specialist
  • Microsoft Partner Network 2012-2013- for commitment to create and deliver inovattive customer solutions and services based on Microsoft technologies „we proudly recognize your dedication to excellence.“
  • IBM Centre of Technical Excellience for Business Partners SBS awarded in recognition of Pure Flex Systems Skills with distiction 2013.
  • BISNODE Solvency Excellence Certificate, 2013 awarded for excellent business results
  • IBM Centre of technical Excellence for Business partners SBS awarded recognition of system of System Z Skills 2012
  • IBM Centre of Technical Excellience for Business Partners SBS-awarded in recognition of System z Skills-2011
  • The Best IBM Partner in 2008: Serbian Business Systems, IBM Serbia
  • IBM CEMAAS V.I.P. 2006, 2007: IBM awards Serbian Business Systems for outstanding achievements in 2006, 2007
  • 2006 Award of Excellence for remarkable contribution to IBM WebSphere business performance - Top Certified WebSphere Business Partner in Serbia and Montenegro, Serbian Business Systems
  • IBM Serbia: Best IBM Business Partner in Serbia and Montenegro in 2005, 2006
  • IBM Tivoli Software CEMAAS: Serbian Business Systems is recognized as The Most Certified IBM Tivoli Business Partner for the year 2005
  • PartnerWorld to SBS: IBM Advanced Business Partner in 2004, in recognition of your continued commitment to excellence in delivering IBM solutions
  • IBM Awards SBS for extraordinary achievements in 2003, Sharm El Sheik
  • IBM SoftWare Group Award 2003
  • IBM Award 2003
  • Top Business Partner IBM CEMA (Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa) – Outstanding achievements in 2002