Ministry of Justice

In March 2007, a judicial processes automation program – SENA – started working in the County Court of Sremska Mitrovica. The program developed by SBS was set to operation by Zoran Stojkovic, the Minister of Justice in the Government of the Republic of Serbia. Present at the event were also Danijel Djulgaris, Director of the Center of the European Reconstruction Agency in Serbia, presidents of the County and Municipal Courts of Sremska Mitrovica and General Manager of SBS Mirko Draskovic.

“By reforming the justice system, we want to stop corruption”, Stojkovic said, “and thanks to this program this is made possible, as the court operations, from the moment a case has been submitted to the final result, have been made public”. The second benefit that is maybe even more significant in the opinion of the Minister is increasing court’s efficiency. “Time that was spent on technical matters processed manually will be cut, due to the fact that everything will be processed electronically the work of the courts will be faster and more efficient.” Stojkovic assessed that this program will save 20-30% of the time of the courts.

“SENA is software intended for court operations and court processes management, designed and developed thanks to the European Union funding”, Djulgaris said. “SENA will provide precise, continuous and detailed information about the number and structure of court cases in courts around Serbia. It will help justice decision makers to manage courts efficiently.” He specifically stressed that a special advantage of this particular program is resulting significant cost savings for Serbia, as some other software product would require considerable funds from the Ministry of Justice in order to pay licenses. (Source: InfoReview)